Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am heartbroken

Today I went to Merewether beach to see the process of demolition of one of the last true Art Deco bathers' pavilions on the east coast of Australia. It was heartbreaking. The building was designed by one of Newcastle's most prolific architectural duos - Pitt & Merewether. Merewether was the grandson of EC Merewethe who not only lends his name to the suburb, but gave generously to create the economy of Newcastle as it is today. Pitt & Merewether forfeited their design fee to create the working drawings in 1936 as a gift to the citizens of Merewether. The local residents raised the 6000 pounds required for construction and the Merewether family gifted the land to the community for the erection of the grand Art Deco bathers' pavilion. The building was in an OK condition, but developers had been eyeing off this site for years, and so, the local council permitted demolition to give the land to a private corporation. The building was so beautiful, and would have made a fabulous venue for live music and good food.

Vale you lovely blonde building and shame on those who have no imagination by failing to recycle and re-purpose.

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  1. Oh, that's so sad. I can sympathise with you. There is a significant Alistair Knox designed building in my community the council is considering tearing down to build a big childcare center. I so hope they don't do it.