Saturday, May 22, 2010

Revitalised sofa

Here it is folks, Grandma's lounge fully re-upholstered and back where it belongs. I'm happy with the work and I like the neutrality of the fabric....I will be getting new cushions very soon - ordered from the creative folks over at And the search is on for a textured ottoman and a new coffee table, I'm thinking a rustic piece of old hardwood. See what you think


  1. Great job! I know this isn't the highlight of post, but can I ask where the coffee table in the picture was found?

  2. A beautiful upholstering job! I'm glad you went with it, after all the comments in response to your apartment therapy posting. I'm also glad you didn't have to "pop to downtown LA" to buy fabric...funny how Americans think everyone's in America & it's the centre of the world!

    I'm hoping Andy's still around too, obviously the people who said to get rid of him don't have pets and don't understand 'pet love'...I'm sure he'll be more respectful now he's all grown up!
    Cheers, friendly coastie girl